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A Jose Carlos le ofrecieron un trabajo de vender Alarmas en America ya hace un ano, pero entonces no se pudieron hacer los papeles, pero esta vez si que ha funcionado. Esta en Grand Forks, North Dakota y va estar de 3 a 6 meses, depende como va el trabajo. Supuestamente es un buen trabajo, normalmente para estudiantes, de verano y se gana buen dinero. Estamos orando para es asi para nosotros tambien y a Jose Carlos le funciona la lengua vendedora tan bien como en Espana. Y yo decidi quedarme porque no sabiamos como ibamos a estar y si iba bien. Asi que cogi la oportunidad de venir a Austria por 3 meses a estar con mi familia, ya que mi familia va tambien por un tiempo dificil. Mi padre ha tenido un infarto cerebral hace 5 semanas y la recuperacion de esta enfermedad es lenta. Pero va mejorando. Asi que estoy feliz de poder apoyar a mis padres y mis hermanas con lo que puedo. Pero echamos en falta a Jose Carlos, a Papa, mucho. Se fue hace una semana solamente, pero ya parece mas largo. Te queremos Papa!

Jose Carlos was offered a job to sell alarmsystems in America, already a year ago, but it didn't work then with the papers, but this year it worked. He is in Grand Forks, North Dakota and he's going to be there for 3 to 6 months, depending on how the job goes. Supposedly it is a good job, normally for students, for summer and good money is earned. We're praying that it is going good for Jose Carlos too and his selling tongue works as good in America as it is in Spain. Well, I decided to stay, because we didn't know how things would work out and how the job would work. So, I took the opportunity to come to Austria for 3 months and be with my family, as we are going through a difficult time too. My father had a stroke 5 weeks ago and the recovery from that is slow. But it is going upward. So I'm happy to be able to support my parents and sisters in as much I can. But we do miss Jose Carlos, Daddy, very much. He is only gone for a week, but it already seems longer. We love you Daddy!!

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Tink dijo...

Wow! You've had a lot to deal with. I'm so sorry for Helmut! Please keep me posted on his progress. It will also be a long separation for you and your husband, but I'm glad you have the comfort of your family to be with. God bless.

Fuentes Robinson dijo...

WOW! you have a lot going on! i'm sorry jose carlos will be gone for so long, but i'm glad i haven't missed the opportunity to give him a call...i'll try later today! :) i got your comment a couple of days ago, but things have been nuts! it's a bummer he's not closer to salt lake! it'd be fun to have him over for dinner! :(

i'm glad you are with family. i'm sorry about your father...glad things are looking better, though. hope you and your cute girls have fun!! there's nothing like good family bonding time! gotta run! cuidaos!

Fuentes Robinson dijo...

you are so cute!! my post says it's been there a month, but i only published it yesterday...it's been saved as a draft for the month. i'm finally able to spend a minute or two to work on the blog! hopefully i'll get a post up every day or two from now on...we'll just have to see though! :)
i talked to jose carlos. he sounded like he was doing well. i thought north dakota was still really far from here, but he said it wasn't too far...hopefully we can get him here for dinner or something! it was so great to talk to someone from spain! i hear spanish quite often, but hearing someone from spain and more specifically from elx sounds like home! love you guys!

Fuentes Robinson dijo...

hi! just saw your comment on my blog. yeah, our family is pretty spoiled...that hospital is really nice. our insurance is AWESOME!!! we paid a $20 co-pay for the first drs visit and the rest was covered. most insurances cover up to 48hr stay for vaginal birth and up to 96hr stay for c-section. they did move me to a smaller room on the 3rd day because the hospital was getting crowded, but it was still a private room, though much smaller. (No dvd player, but it did have cable.:) )
i've never done the math to see how much we pay for our insurance...a little comes out of everyone of mikel's paychecks, and verizon wireless pays some too. there are things i could complain about concerning verizon, but their benefits (ins, retirement options etc.) are REALLY good.
when mike was born we were still students at BYU, so we had their ins and we were in a different hospital. We had a $200 co-pay and we paid 20% of the costs. he was an emergency c-section and he was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the 4 days...so it was an unusually large bill. we paid about $3500 out of pocket. I shared a room, but only for 1 or 2 of the days, but i think we each had our own tv. yep...that's pretty much it. i understand it's pretty rough if you don't have ins...so, that's a big deal for our family, especially considering we couldn't buy it on our own, even if we could afford it....to balance it all out we have to be part of a big group because of mike's asthma...the risks and costs are too big for the ins companies without the large group.
bet that was more than you wanted to know!! haha! feel free to ask me questions whenever you want a long answer!!
so, i'm not sure i understood...are you coming out here?!?! when and where!?!? it'd be great to see you! i did look online to see how far jose carlos is from us....maybe i got it wrong, but it looked like and 18hr drive from there to here to me! yikes!!! i'm hope i'm wrong! it'd be great to see you guys! gotta run! take care! besos