lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

¡Seremos cinco! / We`re going to be five!

Para nosotros todavía es un milagro! Como no podíamos tener, y ahora en un intento o dos ya nos quedamos con el proximo - pues cuesta de asimilarlo! ¡DIOS ES GRANDRE!
Realmente estabamos dudando, si era el momento de tener otro. Pero yo tengo el problema de los quistes, que se puedes reproducirse en cualquier momento, hemos decidido poner la familia delante de los problemas del mundo y ir a buscar el numero 3. Y aqui viene!

For us it is still a miracle! At first we couldn´t have any and now with one or two tries and the next is on its way - well, it´s hard to believe! GOD IS GREAT!
Really we were doubting if it is the right moment to have another one. But I have this problem with the cysts that can come again anytime, so we decided to put family first and go for number 3. And here it comes!!

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Fuentes Robinson dijo...

wahoo!!! congrats!!! that's so exciting! when are you due?! our first was NOT planned...actually we thought we were preventing pregnancy...oh well! then the 2nd, we invited for over a year before he came. the last 2 were almost immediate in coming. i've decided they come when they are supposted to and Heavenly Father knows what He's doing! thank goodness!! :)
congrats again, guys!!! besos!