martes, 24 de febrero de 2009


Bueno, este año por fin podimos disfrutar un poco del carnaval. En Austria se celebra mucho y se disfraza todo el mundo, pero aqui lo hacen bien poco. Pues este año como va Lorena a la guardería la hemos disfrazado unos días y el sabado hemos tenido una fiesta de carnaval en la capilla la primera vez en los 10 años que estoy ya aqui! ¡Que guay! Me encanta disfrazarme! Así fuimos toda la familia como familia de gitanos, hasta con abuela, todo un clan, como ha venido mi madre este mes. Nos divertimos mucho. Era un ratito nada mas, pero muy entretenido, lo disfrutamos mucho!

Well, this year we could finally enjoy carneval a bit. In Austria it is very much celebrated, everybody gets dressed up and I´ve missed that very much, because here almost nobody does. So this year, Lorena is in Kindergarden and I´ve enjoyed dressing her up a few days and on Saturday we had a dressing-up-party at church for the first time in the 10 years I´m here! I love dressing up! All our family we went as a gipsy-family, with Grandma included as my mom is just here this month. It was really fun. It wasn´t really long, but very funny, we enjoyed it very much!

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Fuentes Robinson dijo...

HOW FUN!!!! i LOVE dressing up for halloween as a family! i think it's because my parents never really got into it and i now have an excuse to go all out! :) we'll see how long the kids let us dress up together. soon they'll have their own opinions as to what they want to be....but until then i'm gonna play! :) so fun!!
ps. never really understood when/what carnaval was in spain...can you help me out? it's a week long...and in the spring? and are there parties? there really isn't trick or treating, right? ?? just curious. :)

Tink dijo...

Is Carnaval similar to Faschings? My friends in Germany just celebrated Faschings. You all look so adorable in the pictures!