viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

Navidad / Christmas

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Tink dijo...

What wonderful family pictures! It looks like you had a great holiday fun! So glad you all could be together.

Fuentes Robinson dijo...

hey there! it's fun to see you are still blogging...since you're on facebook too...i wouldn't have been surprised. :) it's not easy to keep up with both.
really fun pix. your girls are SO cute! so fun to see loved ones, lots of food & especially kids around christmas time. we are so blessed!! :)
hey, i've been meaning to tell you...the masks (mission president & wife when I was there) are setting up a pretty big reunion in april around conference time here, in salt lake city. i know it's a stretch, but i'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who'd love to see you guys!!! (just in case you were thinking it was time to come for another visit!;) ) no pressure though. but you know you have a home here...whenever! besos!

Pace & Gwen dijo...

Oh my gosh your girls are so big and so cute!! Good to see you guys!