viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

Cumpleaños de Nerea / Nerea´s birthday

Bueno bueno, como pasa el tiempo! Nuestro bebé ya tiene un añito y esta mas espabilada que nada. Ella se lo pasa pipa con su tata y ni te digo con sus primos cuando vienen. De hecho, por las mañanas cuando Lorena está en la guardería, ella se aburre mucho y se pega a mi un montón. Menos mal que hace una siestecita todavia y me deja hacer la casa un poquito. Pero es una niña muy dulce y se deja besar y achuchar un montón, lo que disfruta su papá mucho, porque a Lorena la tienes que rogar y hacer caras para que te de un beso.
Bueno, en su cumple Nerea estaba halucinando con tantas caras alrededor cantanto a ella y no ha hecho otra cosa que mirar. ¡Una preciosidad!

Well, well, how time passes by so fast! Our little baby is already a year and she´s so much ahead of her age. She has lots of fun playing with her sister and not to mention when all the cousins come, she´s behind them all. The sad thing is, when her sister is in the Kindergarden in the mornings she gets bored and wants to be with Mommy all the time. Good thing, that she still takes a morning-nap and lets me clean up the house just a bit. But she is very sweet and has lots of kisses for everyone and lets herself be kissed, which is especially enjoyed by Daddy because Lorena has to be pleaded with to get some kisses.
Anyway, on her birthday, Nerea with fascinated with all the faces around her singing to her and she was just looking around. She´s soooo cute!!

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Tink dijo...

Ahhh, how sweet is that? Happy birthday Nerea! She's growing sooo big!!! I loved hearing you all sing.

Fuentes Robinson dijo...

congrats!!! aren't birthdays so fun with presents and cousins etc! i thought she was older than 1! i guess that's cuz she was already walking and running before noemi dared walk anywhere...we're finally there, though! she walks! i'm really excited for her! :) she is a SPEEDY crawler, though, so i can't blame her when she really wants to get somewhere! :) anyway, thanks for sharing! so fun to see how fast they grow!