domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

La vida diaria / daily life

Pues otra vez toca ya poneros al corriente con nuestra vida.
No pensaba que nos/me costaria tanto en acostumbrarnos a la vida en Austria. Añoramos mucho la familia y los amigos, pues la vida social que teniamos en España. Eran 10 años muy felices de nuestra vida. Y sé que no ha acabado nuestra "mision" en España, asi que ya podeis haceros la idea que volvamos, si os guste o no! :))
Bueno, pues poco a poco estamos acostumbrandonos y haciendo nuevos amigos o recuperamos antiguas amistades. La verdad que todos se toman mucha molestia a que nos quedemos, y nos ayudan en lo que pueden! Gracias a todos!
Como ya sabeis Jose Carlos esta trabajando desde enero, y le va muy bien. Estan contentos con el y esta haciendo muchos amigos. La propietaria de la empresa hasta nos ha invitado a ir con ella a un concierto en abril con ella.
Lorena va a la guarderia y le gusta mucho, parece ya todo mayor. Todavia estraña mucho a sus primos y amigos, y no entiende mucho que tiene que esperar al verano para ir a verles. En julio vamos a España para la boda de nuestra sobrina y estamos ansiosos de ver a todos otra vez!!
Nerea va creciendo muy rapido tambien y habla muchisimo ya. Es una Piñol acabada, hasta tienes ese pito, siempre gritando! :)) Es muy dificil reñirla porque te mira con esos ojos marrones redondos y cuesta mucho quedarte serio.
Ademas estamos encantados con nuestra "Oma y Opa" (abuelos), mis padres, que nos apoyen muchisimo. GRACIAS!

Once again it's time to let you catch up with our lives.
I did not think that it would cost us/me so much to get used to life in Austria. We miss our family and friends a lot, the social life we had in Spain. They were very happy 10 years of our lives. And I know our "mission" in Spain is not yet over, so you can make the idea that we come back, if you like it or not! :))
Well, we are slowly getting used to life here and are making new friends or recovering old ones. The truth is that everyone took alot of trouble for us to stay and help us as they can! Thanks everyone!
As you know Jose Carlos is working since January and is doing very well. They are happy with him and making a lot of friends. The owner of the company even invited us to go with her to a concert in April.
Lorena goes to Kindergarden and loves it, and she seems all grown-up. She still misses her cousins and friends alot doesn't understand much that she has to wait until summer to go to see them. We're going to Spain in July for the wedding of our niece and we are anxious to see everyone again! Nerea is also growing very fast and talks a lot now. She's a Piñol totally, she has that shouting voice! :)) It is very difficult when you scold her and she looks at you with those big brown eyes and it's hard to stay serious.
We are delighted as well with our "Oma and Opa" (grandparents), my parents, who support us soo much. THANKS!

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Nicole dijo...

glad to hear things are going so well! :) i'm not surprised you miss beautiful Spain and all the wonderful people there! I'm glad you're getting settled in where you are though too! Having grandparents help out is the best!!! I LOVE that our kids are ALWAYS really excited when we go to visit their g'pa's....and it's not like we don't see them a lot! They just have great relationships with each, so it's awesome!
anyway, glad you guys are happy and well!! besos!

Roberts Fam'ly dijo...

I love your family picture, you all look great! We need to do another video call so you can see our new little one. We love her! Everything is going well with our family. I'm glad to hear you are adjusting. It helps to have your family there. :)

Shaunells Hair dijo...

Hi there! just wanted to say hi, and thank you for stopping by my blog!! Your family is gorgeous! Have a good one!

Family Piñol Plattner dijo...

Thanks everybody! It's great to see that somebody is interested in our lives and to hear from yours as well!! Love ya!